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Stainless Steel Wire Rope - Downloads

New 2023 AWG hamma Wire Rope Catalogue (10.13mb)

Marine Catalogue - Downloads

2022 hamma Marine Catalogue (8.03mb)

Industrial Catalogue - Downloads

2022 hamma Industrial Catalogue (7.7mb)

Architectural Solutions - Downloads

2022 Architectural Solutions Brochure (27.02mb)


Welcome to AWG - Downloads

Welcome to Arcus Wire Group (1.66mb)

AWG Test Bed Brochure August 2023 (0.81mb)

AWG Manufacturing Brochure 2023 (3.90mb)

Stainless Steel mesh solutions - Downloads

AWG Flexi-Mesh Brochure 2023 (1.69mb)

Bridges - Downloads

AWG Bridge Solutions Brochure (1.69mb)

AWG Galvanised Wire Brochure (1.19mb)

AWG Cyclops Marine 2023 Brochure (4.41mb)

Irrigation Products - Downloads

AWG Irrigation Brochure 2023 (2.06mb)

hamma Medium link Chain

Arcus Wire Group Medium Link Chain (1mb)

hamma Slimline Turnbuckle body

hamma Slimline Turnbuckle Bodies (0.84mb)

hamma Standoffs

hamma Standoffs Brochure (1.63mb)

Extended Toggles

Arcus Wire Group Extended Toggles (0.29mb)

hamma Rated Collared Eye Bolt

hamma S307 Rated Collared Eye Bolt (0.55mb)

Sahm Splice Rope

SAHM Splicing Wall Chart (0.59mb)

Sahm Splice Rope

SAHM Brochure (3.1mb)

KOS Duplex Wire Rope

KOS Duplex Information Flyer (1.47mb)


hamma logo

hamma Wire Cleaning & Maintenance Guides (0.21mb)