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Arcus Wire Group has been developing and supplying stainless steel and galvanised wire rope and hardware to the marine, industrial and architectural sector across Australasia for nearly 60 years.

The key to our success, we believe, is our focus on knowledge, quality and customer service. Our close-knit team includes some of the world’s leading experts in stainless steel wire rope, and we place customer service at the forefront of everything we do.


All suppliers undergo strict onsite assessments to ensure products are manufactured to industry best practices, quality control and safety standards. We also help design and develop stainless steel wire rope based on feedback from customers and our understanding of their needs.

For example, Arcus Wire Group was the first to bring G316 wire to Australia. G316 is now the industry standard. Arcus Wire Group is the exclusive distributor of hamma & Flexi-Mesh in Australia, this includes the now market leader hamma regatta range of hardware which is supplied to the yacht rigging industry.

We started branding our products, hamma, to help our clients differentiate between our stainless steel wire rope and other manufacturers. A testament to our belief in quality first, Arcus Wire Group are now approaching our 35th year as distributors for KOS “Korea’s Original Stainless” in Australia and New Zealand and 20 years as exclusive distributors.

The industry leading hamma range of stainless steel fittings are designed and manufactured by global leaders Kinzi and distributed exclusively by Arcus Wire Group across Australia and New Zealand. Since 1971, Kinzi has been supplying stainless steel hardware to companies worldwide. Kinzi’s in house design, engineering and mould facility controls the manufacturing process from concept to finished product. With an understanding of product applications, Kinzi develops products utilising the right materials for the job and determines the most efficient production process.

There is simply no peer on the market for KOS wire and Kinzi fittings.

Arcus Wire Group is an exclusive agent for Redaelli tensostructures, suspension structures, cable stayed structures in Australia and New Zealand.

We also continue to support Nicopress, Felco, SAHM Splice, Sea Rig and other first-class suppliers that meet ours, and our customers’ project requirements and standards.

About Arcus Wire Group Stainless Steel Wire Rope
About Arcus Wire Group - Partners - Stainless Steel Wire Rope
About Arcus Wire Group - Stainless Steel Wire Rope
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Why is arcus wire group different

Firstly, AWG is the exclusive distributor of KOS manufactured stainless steel wire rope and wire rope in Australia and New Zealand, the world’s leading manufacturer of this product. No other company can supply this product locally, although many competitors claim they are able to supply a “similar” product. There is no peer in the market for KOS wire.

Secondly, Arcus Wire and hamma are manufactured by KOS using techniques that differentiate the wire rope and strand we supply to our customers from our competitors, namely:

  • Multiple annealing during the drawing process to ensure wire does not work harden;
  • Multiple quality control tests of the finished product.
  • Stainless only factory. Unlike other suppliers, KOS only produce stainless and other exotics like titanium. They do not produce carbon/galvanised wire or wire rope.

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