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Monday 9th October 2023

Congratulations to our CEO, David Sheedy, on celebrating 35-years in the wire rope industry this year!

Well known for his innovation and support of the industry, David joined Arcus Wire Group in 1988. Learning the ropes from founder John Arcus, David became CEO after John’s passing and has led the business for 20 years. Today Arcus Wire Group is Australia’s leading supplier of wire rope and fittings.


Always looking to expand wire rope solutions and proactively grow the market, David is well known as a keen innovator and early adopter of new products. In the mid 1990’s David led the introduction of G316 wire into Australia. This resulted in Arcus Wire Group becoming the first company to supply G316 wire rope and strand. Today G316 is the industry standard.

David continued innovating and in the early 2000’s collaborated with the world’s leading producer of stainless steel wire rope KOS (Koreas Original Stainless), to design a new compacted strand to replace Dyform. This collaboration resulted in the release of the new hamma® Pro Strand in 2007 and the beginnings of the exciting hamma® range of stainless steel wire rope and fittings. Today the hamma® range is a market leader across the marine, industrial and architectural sectors in Australia and quickly gaining market share worldwide.

David’s ongoing leadership has most recently resulted in the innovation and development of the new hamma® range of Duplex wire rope. This new product was a key component of Arcus Wire Group’s award winning project for an underwater application in Israel in 2022, reinforcing the company’s dominant position as world leaders in the use of Duplex wire ropes.


Having established a successful career and recognised expertise in the wire rope industry, David joined the board of the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association ASSDA in 2017 and is the current President and Non-Executive Director.

Congratulations David on your 35 years with Arcus Wire Group!