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Lisa Blair Update

Thursday 6th July 2017

Lisa Blair Update
Lisa Blair Update

Lisa Blair has reignited her campaign to become the first woman to sail solo on the Antarctica race course. Lisa was able to bring together many businesses to help get her back sailing after she lost her mast a few weeks ago. We at Arcus Wire Group were more than happy to help Lisa get back on the water and achieve her goals.

We were able to bring together our hamma Regatta rigging fitting range and hamma Pro wire rope because of our large stock holdings quickly once Lisa got the measurements and number of fittings she required. We got it sent immediately to South Africa via airfreight for the work to begin on the new rigging and mast. After a couple of weeks of work she managed to get the boat on the water and got into testing right away.

Lisa has been at it for the last couple of weeks and has got herself back to the point of dismasting and restarted her journey back to Albany Australia. We at AWG wish her well in her journey and look forward to reading more of her blog as she sails on the become the first women to circumnavigate the Antarctica race track solo. We have included the link below for you to follow Lisa’s journey.

If you want to learn more about Lisa’s journey and her background you can jump on her web site www.

For more information about what Arcus Wire Group supplied Lisa and her yacht Climate Action Now you can follow the links to our hamma Regatta fitting range and our hamma Pro wire below.