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Thursday 30th April 2020

Glass bubble installation

Featured in a news story on ABC Radio National local artist Keith Dougall described the themes of his work “Catching your breath – Glass bubble installation” as being focused on “collective human existence, individuality, fragility and resilience”.

Keith reached out to the Arcus Wire Group as he was aware of our stainless-steel wire solutions for hanging suspended loads.

Shaun Salmon, QLD Operations Manager, Arcus Wire Group said that due to the fragility of the glass bubbles the supporting structure of stainless-steel woven mesh and cables had to be carefully considered so as not to cause any harm to the glass bubbles on the final installation in the hospital reception area.

“Once again we drew on our experience with suspension projects to deliver a combination of Flexi-Mesh, hamma X wire and a series of custom cable clamps”, said Shaun.

The photos show the installation and Keith Dougall preparing the fragile glass bubbles in wire nets.

“This was a great project to work on. Our team was totally inspired by the uplifting nature of Keith’s installation which shines through”, said Shaun.

Suspension not a new challenge​

Arcus Wire Group has delivered a wide range of solutions for suspension projects across Australia including lighting installations at Wollongong Mall in New South Wales, Chinatown in South Australia and Curtin University in Western Australia.

Glass bubble installation