Wire Rope Thimbles- Heavy

Technical Data

  • Casting material: AISI316 - DIN 1.4408
  • Production:
    • SF414 - Thimble - Forged
  • Surface treatment: "E.P." (Electro polished)

Field of application hamma™ Industrial Light thimbles are designed for application where Heavy thimbles are designed for applications secure loop for wire rope is needed, where heavy loops and load are expected.

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.


Product Code Data Sheet Size (inch) Box Qty
HM-6404-0316 Download 3/16 1,000
HM-6414-0401 Download 1/4 500
HM-6414-0615 Download 5/16" 300
HM-6414-0803 Download 3/8" 160
HM-6414-0201 Download 1/2 80
HM-6414-0805 Download 5/8" 50
HM-6414-0403 Download 3/4" 25
HM-6414-0708 Download 7/8" 20
HM-6414-0001 Download 1" 14

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