Swage Studs LHT

Technical Data

Casting material: AISI316 - DIN 1.4408
Production: SF7801L - Stud - Forged
Surface treatment: "E.P." (Electro polished)

Field of application hamma™ Industrial Right threaded stud terminals are designed for loose wire rope ends. Terminals must be properly swaged with swagging machine.

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.


Product Code Data Sheet M (thread) Dia Cable (mm) Box Qty Unit Weight (g)
HM-6780-1032 Download M5 2.5 2,000 15
HM-6780-1033 Download M6 3 1,000 19
HM-6780-1034 Download M8 4 750 28
HM-6780-1035 Download M10 5 300 46
HM-6780-1036 Download M12 6 150 TBC
HM-6780-1189 Download M14 7 150 TBC
HM-6780-1812 Download M12 8 150 TBC
HM-6780-1037 Download M16 8 100 TBC
HM-6780-1813 Download M20 10 60 TBC
HM-6780-1814 Download M20 12 50 TBC
HM-6780-1815 Download M22 14 n/a TBC
HM-6780-1994 Download M24 16 25 TBC

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