Arcus Wire Group Socket Head Cap Screws G316

Arcus Wire Group Socket Head Cap Screws are manufactured from high-quality G316 Stainless Steel. AWG Socket Head Cap Screws are locally sourced by our trusted and experienced supplier, who have been supplying stainless fasteners for over 40 years.

Socket Head Cap Screws come with large cylindrical heads that have recessed hex-shaped drives. These make them suitable for applications where clearance is limited, and sockets and wrenches can't be used. Hex-shaped recesses in the head provide a driving surface that has increased protection against damage and has six sides of contact surface for more torque. 

As with all AWG products, Test Certificates can be provided to ensure the quality of the product being supplied.

Product Code Thread Material Diameter (mm) Length (mm) T (mm) Surface Finish Weight (g)
AWG-SHCS-0820 M8 G316 12.8 17.5 7.5 Machine Polish 13.0

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