Traditional design offers robust support with ample adjustment.

Cable Diameters
4mm - 42mm

Rated Breaking Load
Up to 1,120kN or 114,208kgf

Technical Data
Fork Material: Cast Duplex 2205 stainless
Rod Material: 2205 Duplex – 448DR Grade
Surface Treatment:
Matte finished M16-M52
Gloss finished M56-M100

Specific Features

  • Highest corrosion resistance due to duplex forks and rod
  • Improved fatigue resistance from duplex rod
  • Large range of sizes enables consistency throughout project design


Product Code Data Sheet Cable Construction Maximum Adjustment Limit Tension (kN) MBL (kN)
SCS-B14-04X Download 4mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/-39mm 6 11
SCS-B14-05X Download 5mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/- ​​43mm 10 18
SCS-B14-06X Download 6mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/- ​​56mm 16 26
SCS-B14-06P Download 6mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 +/- ​​56mm 19 32
SCS-B14-07X Download 7mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/- ​​57mm 19 36
SCS-B14-07P Download 7mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 +/-57mm 19 39
SCS-B14-08X Download 8mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/-65mm 28 47
SCS-B14-08P Download 8mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 +/- ​65mm 29 57
SCS-B14-10X Download 10mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/- ​73mm 39 74
SCS-B14-10P Download 10mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 +/- ​73mm 39 78
SCS-B14-12X Download 12mm hamma™ X 1x19 +/- ​81mm 53 106
SCS-B14-12P Download 12mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 +/- ​81mm 53 107

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