Designed with versatility, beauty and flexibility in mind. Allows maximum adjustment while the clean, minimum profile adds to the aesthetic appeal of the overall structural design. Compact adjusters available in either Duplex 2205 (SRS) or AISI316 (P2H) for advanced fatigue engineering

Cable Diameters
​8mm - ​​42mm

Rated Breaking Load
Up to 1,120kN or 114,208kgf

Technical Data

Fork Material:

  • P2H - Cast AISI316, EN 1.4408

Surface Treatment:

  • Matte finished
  • ​Other finished available on request

Specific Features

  • Minimal, sleek profile for ultimate aesthetic appeal
  • Designed with unique internal adjustment mechanism that allows for cost effective installation
  • Fully concealed threads for use in highly visible architectural applications​

Product Code Data Sheet Cable Construction Limit Tension (kN) MBL (kN) Grade
SCS-P2H-08P Download 8.0mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 34 57 G316
SCS-P2H-08X Download 8.0mm hamma™ X 1x19 28 47 G316
SCS-P2H-10P Download 10.0mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 54 90 G316
SCS-P2H-10X Download 10.0mm hamma™ X 1x19 44 74 G316
SCS-P2H-12P Download 12.0mm hamma™ Pro 1x19 76 127 G316
SCS-P2H-14P Download 14.0mm hamma™ Pro 1x25 100 170 G316
SCS-P2H-14X Download 14.0mm hamma™ X 1x19 87 145 G316
SCS-P2H-16P Download 16.0mm hamma™ Pro 1x25 126 225 G316
SCS-P2H-16X Download 16.0mm hamma™ X 1x19 108 180 G316
SCS-P2H-19P Download 19.0mm hamma™ Pro 1x25 169 282 G316
SCS-P2H-19X Download 19.0mm hamma™ X 1x19 160 267 G316
SCS-P2H-20M Download 20.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x37 167 279 G316
SCS-P2H-22M Download 22.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x37 204 341 G316
SCS-P2H-24M Download 24.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x37 246 410 G316
SCS-P2H-28M Download 28.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x37 337 561 G316
SCS-P2H-30M Download 30.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 417 695 G316
SCS-P2H-34M Download 34.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 509 849 G316
SCS-P2H-36M Download 36.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 522 870 G316
SCS-P2H-42M Download 42.0mm hamma™ Mega 1x61 604 1,008 G316

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