Arcus Wire Group Threaded Blind Nut Rivets G304

Arcus Wire Group Threaded Blind Nut Rivets are manufactured from high-quality G304 Stainless Steel. AWG Threaded Blind Nut Rivets are locally sourced by our trusted and experienced supplier, who have been supplying stainless fasteners for over 40 years.

Threaded Blind Nut Rivets are commonly used on Balustrades. 

As with all AWG products, Test Certificates can be provided to ensure the quality of the product being supplied.

Product Code Thread Material Length (mm) Drill Size (mm) Grip Range (mm) Surface Finish Box Qty Weight (g)
AWG-BRNR-0640 M6 G304 15 10 0.7-4.0 Machine Polish 600 4.0
AWG-BRNR-0666 M6 G304 18 10 4.2-6.6 Machine Polish 600 5.0
AWG-BRNR-0830 M8 G304 18 11 0.5-3.0 Machine Polish 600 6.0
AWG-BRNR-0855 M8 G304 20 11 3.0-5.5 Machine Polish 600 6.0
AWG-BRNR-1045 M10 G304 24 13 3.0-4.5 Machine Polish 600 9.0

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