Manufactured in Australia
Cast Alloy Steel
Available for rope sizes 20mm to 64mm
100% Magnetic particle inspected in accordance with AS1171
Ultrasonically tested in accordance with AS2574
Manufactured in accordance with BS463 to meet the performance requirements of AS1666 Wire Rope Slings
Surface finish options include:

Black self colour

Product Code Data Sheet Rope Diameter WLL (t) Surface Finish Weight (kg)
FDT-CM20 Download 20 5.66 Self Colour 1.5
FDT-CM22 Download 22 6.70 Self Colour 2.5
FDT-CM26 Download 26 8.63 Self Colour 4.0
FDT-CM28 Download 28 10.00 Self Colour 4.0
FDT-CM32 Download 32 14.10 Self Colour 7.9
FDT-CM38 Download 36-42 19.00 Self Colour 12.0
FDT-CM52 Download 44-54 53.50 Self Colour 28.0
FDT-CM64 Download 58-64 58.70 Self Colour 30.0

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