Swage-Swage Insulators are Designed for ultimate electrical and strength characteristics SeaRig insulators deliver radio performance and improve antenna tuning. As an integral component to the rig they are easily adapted for rod or wire use with the modular components found in the range. An anodised alloy body with insulating acetal ends captivate the stainless steel studs making up this maintenance free unit. Wet or dry electrical capacitance is low at even the highest transmitting power.

Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size MBS (kgf)
AISSM05 Download 5mm 7,545
AISSM06 Download 6mm 7,545
AISSM07 Download 7mm 7,545
AISSM08 Download 8mm 9,891
AISSM09 Download 9mm 9,891
AISSM10 Download 10mm 9,891
AISSM11 Download 11mm 15,295
AISSM12 Download 12mm 18,252
AISSM14 Download 14mm 18,252

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