hamma™ Pro 1x19 has been developed to provide the marine and architectural industries with a quality ‘compacted’ strand that has a smooth clean finish, aesthetically superior to any product currently on the market while maintaining the strength and corrosion resistance of all traditional stainless steel wire rope supplied by Arcus Wire Group. As hamma™ is a ‘compacted’ strand there is no need to pre-stress the wire. This process of strand compaction decreases the constructional stretch of the wire which also results in breaking loads approximately 30% higher than conventional strands.

Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size Construction MBS (kgf) MBS (kN) Weight p/m (kg)
HMP19050 Download 5.0mm 1x19 2,600 25.5 0.156
HMP19060 Download 6.0mm 1x19 3,700 36.3 0.218
HMP19070 Download 7.0mm 1x19 5,100 50.0 0.291
HMP19080 Download 8.0mm 1x19 6,500 63.7 0.381
HMP19090 Download 9.0mm 1x19 9,000 88.3 0.484
HMP19100 Download 10.0mm 1x19 10,250 100.5 0.599
HMP19110 Download 11.0mm 1x19 13,500 132.4 0.719
HMP19120 Download 12.0mm 1x19 14,400 141.2 0.810

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