hamma™ Mega was developed for the grandest of architectural designs. Three years in the making, our technology combines a uniquely high standard of fatigue resisting wires, compacted by multiple composite compress mouldings, to achieve its high tensile properties. hamma™ Mega comes with a full range of terminations available, including P2H Adjusters, Basic B3 and SRS Duplex. Cable assemblies are manufactured to order, including a pre-stressing capability, and are ideally suited for compression trusses and cable net facades. The hamma™ Mega‘s incredible range of size means what was previously unattainable in stainless steel for architecture is now achievable from Arcus Wire Group.

Specific features:

  • Low stretch
  • Higher comparative breaking strain
  • Wide cable size range
  • Compatible with both splicing and swaging
  • Good corrosion resistance

Technical Data

Cable material: AISI 316

Construction: Spiral strand
Configuration: 1x 61= 1+ 6+ 12+18+24

Module of elasticity: 1 32+/-10 kN/mm2

Note: Limit tension is calculated at 60% of MBL.


Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size Construction MBS (kgf) MBS (kN) Weight p/m (kg)
HMM61300 Download 30.0mm 1x61 78,824 773 4.510
HMM61340 Download 34.0mm 1x61 96,261 944 5.800
HMM61360 Download 36.0mm 1x61 98,606 967 6.500
HMM61420 Download 42.0mm 1x61 114,208 1,120 8.810

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