hamma™ Coated 1x7 is a PVC coated wire which has the hamma™ X-Strand coated with UV stabilised PVC. The wire strand has the same workings of a 1x7 strand which is non-flexible. It is available in many internal and external diameter combinations. 

Please contact one of the branches as this product is not generally stocked.

Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size Construction MBS (kgf) MBS (kN) Weight p/m (kg) Coating Type Coating Colour
HCCL417004 0.4mm - 0.7mm 1x7 16 0.1 0.001 Nylon Clear
HCCL417006 Download 0.6mm - 0.8mm 1x7 25 0.002 Nylon Clear
HCCL417007 0.7mm - 0.8mm 1x7 48 0.4 0.003 Nylon Clear
HCCL417008 0.8mm - 1.0mm 1x7 63 0.6 0.004 Nylon Clear
HCCL417010 Download 1.0mm - 1.2mm 1x7 100 0.9 0.005 Nylon Clear
HCCL417012 Download 1.2mm - 1.5mm 1x7 141 1.3 0.008 Nylon Clear

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