hamma® Regatta Turnbuckle with T-Terminal has been designed to match the extreme high performance of the hamma® X and hamma® Pro cables.

The hamma® Regatta open bodied turnbuckles have the following key features:

  • Polished chrome plated bronze body
  • Chrome plated finish
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 30% higher breaking strength to meet and exceed hamma® Pro Strand and Dyform MBL

For all technical specifications and measurements, please see table below to download the relevant Product Data Sheet.

hamma® Regatta- IT'S DOWN TO THE WIRE!

Product Code Data Sheet Size M (Thread) ØA (mm) Backing Plate Code
HM-BTTN-05S Download 5/16"-24UNF 20 HM-BPTT-04
HM-BTTN-05 Download 5/16"-24UNF 20 HM-BPTT-05
HM-BTTN-06S Download 3/8"-24UNF 20 HM-BPTT-05
HM-BTTN-06 Download 3/8"-24UNF 28 HM-BPTT-0607
HM-BTTN-07 Download 7/16"-20UNF 28 HM-BPTT-0607
HM-BTTN-08S Download 1/2"-20UNF 28 HM-BPTT0607
HM-BTTN-08 Download 1/2"-20UNF 30.5 HM-BPTT-0810
HM-BTTN-10 Download 5/8"-18UNF 33 HM-BPTT-0810

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