Light easy handled cutter, the smallest in the range. Especially designed for cutting both hardened steel and spring wires, steel cables and metal bars. Hardened steel blades and center bolt. Unbreakable forged aluminum handles.


  • Unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminum with a lifetime guarantee
  • Blades and Fastenings in high-quality hardened steel
  • Parts subject to wear and tear can be replaced


  • Clean and precise cut without crushing the cable thanks to the triangular cutting system
  • Easy and durable cutting adjustment


  • Lightweight handles
  • Helpful lever effect
  • Comfortable plastic coating

Maintenance and Parts Replacement instructions are included in the Product Data Sheet that is downloadable below.
Swiss Precision. Made to Last.

Product Code Data Sheet Max Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Length (mm)
FC009 Download 9 753 325

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