Wireteknik roll swage dies are only compatible with the Wireteknik roll swage machine. With a synchronising pin hole, it allows for the dies to be lined up with precision and ease, allowing for a flawless swage. When using the dies a swaging compound is preferably used and once finished a corrosion preventative is recommended to be applied. There are various sizes and types for each machine.

Please contact an Arcus Wire branch for more information on Wireteknik roll swage dies.

WTA100-016 1.6mm A100
WTA100-025 2.5mm A100
WTA100-03 3.0mm A100
WTA100-04 4.0mm A100
WTA100-05 5.0mm A100
WTA200-016 1.6mm A200
WTA200-025 2.5mm A200
WTA200-03 3.0mm A200
WTA200-04 4.0mm A200
WTA200-05 5.0mm A200
WTA200-055 5.5mm A200
WTA200-06 6.0mm A200
WTA200-07 7.0mm A200
WTA200-08 8.0mm A200
WTA270-025 2.5mm A270
WTA270-03 3.0mm A270
WTA270-04 4.0mm A270
WTA270-05 5.0mm A270
WTA270-055 5.5mm A270
WTA270-06 6.0mm A270
WTA270-07 7.0mm A270
WTA270-08 8.0mm A270
WTA270-10 10.0mm A270
WTA270-12 12.0mm A270
WTA350-025 2.5mm A350
WTA350-03 3.0mm A350
WTA350-04 4.0mm A350
WTA350-05 5.0mm A350
WTA350-055 5.5mm A350
WTA350-06 6.0mm A350
WTA350-07 7.0mm A350
WTA350-08 8.0mm A350
WTA350-10 10.0mm A350
WTA350-11 11.0mm A350
WTA350-12 12.0mm A350
WTA350-14 14.0mm A350
WTA350-16 16.0mm A350
WTA400-08 8.0mm A400
WTA400-10 10.0mm A400
WTA400-11 11.0mm A400
WTA400-12 12.0mm A400
WTA400-14 14.0mm A400
WTA400-16 16.0mm A400
WTA400-19 19.0mm A400
WTA400-22 22.0mm A400
WTA400-2526 25-26mm A400
WTA400-28 28.0mm A400
WTA500-16 16.0mm A500
WTA500-19 19.0mm A500
WTA500-22 22.0mm A500
WTA500-2526 25-26mm A500
WTA500-28 28.0mm A500
WTA500-32 32.0mm A500
WTA500-36 36.0mm A500
WTA500-38 38.0mm A500
WTA500-40 40.0mm A500

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