Stop sleeves are utilised on wire and synthetic rope to terminate in partial-tension applications. A stop sleeve may be placed anywhere along the rope or cable but is most often used as an end-termination. Nicopress copper and galvanised steel stop sleeves are engineered to terminate wire rope and hold approximately 50% of the cables rated breaking strength.

Product Code Wire Size (mm) Wire Size (inch) Sleeve Length Sleeve Tool Required Weight per 1000 Required Crimps
N12ST 1.0mm - 1.2mm 3/64 5.5mm 4.0mm N17-B4B 0.03 TBC
N16ST 1.5mm - 2.0mm 1/16 11.0mm 5.0mm N33V 0.05 TBC
N24ST 2.4mm - 2.5mm 3/32 8.0mm 8.0mm N51M 0.09 TBC
N32ST 3.0mm - 3.5mm 1/8 8.0mm 8.0mm N51M 0.09 TBC
N40ST 4.0mm 5/32 8.0mm 10.7mm N51M 0.36 TBC
N48ST 4.8mm - 5.0mm 3/16 8.0mm 10.7mm N51M 0.09 TBC
N55ST 5.5mm to 6.0mm 7/32 16.0mm 11.0mm N51M 0.36 TBC

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