Galvanised 7x19 is a flexible wire rope. 7x19 wire rope is made up of 7 strands with 19 wires. The galvanised wire supplied by Arcus Wire Group is hot dipped galvanised making it the market leader for this product range.

Applications include:

  • Working rope (over pulleys)
  • Wire rope slings
  • Garage door cables
  • Winch ropes
  • Control cables

Arcus Wire Group stock G2070 in sizes 3.2mm – 12mm in 1000m reels in all sizes. Cut lengths are also available. Other sizes and tensile strengths are available on request.

Product Code Data Sheet Wire Size Construction Grade MBS (kgf) MBS (kN) Weight p/m (kg)
G079040 Download 4.0mm 7x19 G2070 1,051 10.3 0.061
G079050 5.0mm 7x19 G2070 1,632 16.0 0.095
G079060 Download 6.0mm 7x19 G2070 2,356 23.1 0.137
G079080 Download 8.0mm 7x19 G2070 4,182 41.0 0.243
G079100 Download 10.0mm 7x19 G2070 6,538 64.1 0.381
G079110 11.0mm 7x19 G2070 7,905 77.5 0.460
G079120 Download 12.0mm 7x19 G2070 9,415 92.3 0.548
G079140 14.0mm 7x19 G2070 12,811 125.6 0.746

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