This down-stroke swager sets itself apart thanks to its very good accessibility and the piston located on top. This means that the workpiece remains in position during swaging and is particularly simple to finish. Our 40t desktop swager is particularly suitable for use as a bench top press for smaller components and stands out thanks to its high reliability and simple operation. The 40t PLUS-Version has a very low noise and is particularly suitable for serial swaging of smaller components and stands out thanks to its high speed, low noise and ergonomic work position.

Most important characteristics:

  • very good accessibility & down stroke swager
  • reliable & safe
  • easy to use & ergonomic
  • low noise & fast
  • short press time
  • automatic mode for the PLUS-Version


We use only high-quality components from leading manufacturers or components specially manufactured to our standards, ensuring that your machine is ready for use at all times. We guarantee the supply of spare parts for 30 years.

Easy to use and ergonomic

It is particularly easy to operate since the ferrule is pressed from the top and the work piece does not move vertically with the piston. The controls are located at the right spot and you can operate them intuitively. Documentation and signage are provided in the local language.


Our swagers comply with the current valid EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and are manufactured according to ISO9001.

High speed/performance

Our swagers stand apart thanks to their high engine performance and thus high press speeds. At low pressure, press speed is the maximum permissible 10 mm/s.


Product Code Data Sheet Max Alloy Ferrule Max Copper Ferrule Max Stainless Steel Ferrule Max. Pressure Capacity (kN) Diamensions (LxWxH) Weight (kg)
SAHM40T Download 8 8 4 415 590 x 400 x 556 185
SAHM40TP Download 8 8 4 415 1135 x 810 x 1400 385

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