Here at Arcus Wire Group Pty Ltd (AWG), we pride ourselves on our Knowledge in the Industry. All of our staff at Arcus are trained with the Knowledge and expertise to help find a solution for all of your individual business requirements. 

Stainless steel has long been the option of choice where a material needs to exhibits strength, durability, high resistance to corrosion and visually pleasing. AWG stainless steel cable is manufactured to exact specifications and tolerances to meet and even exceed the most demanding quality standards.

A comprehensive range of grades and sizes and a complimentary selection of fittings ensure that AWG stainless steel cabling can be specified for a wide variety of architectural, engineering and general industrial projects. AWG also supply a comprehensive range of galvanised wire rope and hardware.

AWG stainless steel wire rope is available in three grades - AISI 304, AISI 316 and Duplex 2205, with multiple strand configurations – 1x7, 1x19, 1x25,1x37, 1x61, 7x7,7x19, 7x37, 6x24FC & 19x7NR and a full range of Compacted wire rope. With sizes ranging from 0.1mm to 42.0mm diameter. Our full range of Stainless Wire Rope can be produced with a PVC, Nylon or Polyurethane coating.

AWG was founded by John Arcus over 60 years ago and he was instrumental in the development and engineering of the Talurit swaging system in Australia. He designed and built the first fully computerised Plaited Cable machine, capable of making cable from 11mm to 43mm diameter.

Our commitment to technological development, the innovative applications of our products and scrupulous quality control, have all contributed to making Arcus Wire Group the country’s largest supplier of stainless steel cable.

Our tradition of quality and service has served us well for many decades. Our commitment to maintaining these standards into the future has never been greater.

 At AWG innovation and development excites us and over the years this has shown in many ways.

· As the market leader of Stainless Steel Wire Rope supply in Australia we were the first to bring our wire in on the blue reels which was the distinct look of an AWG stainless steel wire rope. As the years have gone by many companies have tried to liken their product to AWG’s by bringing their wire in on blue reels.

· Other ways AWG have shaped the industry, is by being the first to bring wire rope and strand in G316 stainless steel into Australia. This is now known in the industry as ‘marine grade’ wire rope. This had set the benchmark in Australia for stainless steel wire rope and strand with many companies following AWG’s lead.

· AWG have also been working with our supplier KOS Wire in Korea for the past 10 years to develop Duplex 2205 wire rope and strand. Over the past couple of years we have been supplying this into the Australian market and as the demand lifts so do our stock holdings of Stainless Steel Duplex Wire Rope and Strand.

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