New Year, New Information from Arcus.

New Year, New Information from Arcus.

AWG Is Changing With The Times 

  • No More Faxes!
  • New Product Codes!
  • New Inventory System!
  • New Catalogues!

Welcome to 2018. We wish all of our customer's continued business success in 2018, and we are here to help assist in any way we can.

Here at Arcus Wire Group, we are starting the New Year in a New Way; by moving forward!

In January; we implemented a new inventory system. With the introduction of this new inventory system, we decided it would be practical and efficient to update both the AWG product codes and descriptions as we crossed over to the new system. There is logic to our madness, we have changed our product codes and descriptions to reduce errors in our ordering processes and to streamline our processes right from when we order from our suppliers to when you, our customers place your orders. With the success of hamma™ Regatta, hamma™ X, and Pro globally in recent years, we have now amended all of our product codes globally to be in Sync. The description change will further detail our products in our inventory system to ensure customers orders are delivered as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, this system cannot sync with faxes, so from January, we will no longer be able to accept orders through fax. However, it does work well with email and therefore further streamlining our processes to ensure that you and our staff experience a transparent and accessible ordering process.

Over 60 years, Arcus Wire has established a reputation for supplying the best quality wire rope in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We continue to build on this knowledge and experience by increasing our product range to satisfy customer requirements. We hope that by implementing these new systems and processes, we can continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We would like to ask you to bear with us (and the technology) as we implement these changes. We understand that there will be some frustration over the next few months as we all adapt to these changes, but we ensure that in the long-run these processes will benefit us all.



Emailing AWG Invoices

Our new and efficient inventory system will now email you all information regarding your order.
We saw this as an opportunity to reduce waste at both our end and yours. We also wanted to inform you that unless requested we will NOT be sending out invoices with / attached to the goods.
There are in total two emails you will receive in regards to your order:
Sales Order Confirmation: An email will arrive immediately after your order has been processed, attached to this email is a Sales Order Confirmation. It is important that you open this attachment as it will have confirmation of the product type, size, quantity, and delivery details of the Sales Order you placed.
Invoice: This is the final email in the order process, this email you will receive after the order is picked and shipped it is important to know you need to click on the link in the email to access your invoice. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to your invoice, where you will also find delivery and payment information.
Isn't our new inventory system efficient!


"That's a bye for now Aj"

"I have been very fortunate to have worked and still work with a team that is dedicated and knowledgeable, most of the crew have worked from the factory floor thru to specialist positions; with staff personal development there is also change. AJ is the epitome of a team player, whatever was needed he was happy to do it, including working on construction sites with both Arcus and Structural Dynamics. AJ’s knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm will be missed as well as his mateship. We all wish AJ the very best for the future and we hope the English weather makes him miss Australia and hopefully, he returns one day."
- David Sheedy, CEO Arcus Wire Group


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