New Pricing Effective 1st April 2022

New Pricing Effective 1st April 2022

This year has certainly provided ongoing challenges with the impact of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, and new challenges presented by record rainfall and resulting floods on the East Coast. Our thoughts go out to everyone that has been affected.

To support the clean-up efforts, Arcus Wire Group is assisting emergency services with transporting goods to hard hit regions.

Rising costs of nickel and chromium

We are seeing growing global demand, increasing importation costs and unprecedented increases in raw material costs for nickel and chromium.

These compounding issues are significantly impacting pricing structures as shown in the below charts.

Below charts - Current 07/03/2022

NB: Since publishing the above charts, Nickel has jumped to a 15-year high of 48,200.00 USD.

Increasing our stock holdings and keeping prices low throughout 2021

With a commitment to retaining significant inventory holdings and containing prices, we increased our purchasing throughout 2021 which enabled us to maintain our pricing for an extended period.

However, recent price increases from our suppliers due to rising costs noted above are now impacting our purchasing costs.

New pricing effective 1st April 2022

Based on the latest market information and pricing from our suppliers, we will be issuing a new price list effective 1st April 2022. This will incorporate a 7% increase on our list price of all products.

The new price list has been emailed to customers.

To request a copy, please contact our sales team on 1800 272 879 or via email

Maintaining significant stock supply

As noted above, we are continually updating our inventory levels to ensure that we support our customers across all products. As a result, we have strong stock holdings in both our NSW and QLD warehouses and have upskilled our teams so that we have an increased capacity for manufacturing.

Also, key to supporting our customers, is our ability to deliver short lead times for incoming shipments. We remain consistently ahead of our competitors with respect to lead times.

Thank you

Thanks again for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team for more information or to discuss the new pricing.

Please email, or contact your Arcus Wire Group Account Manager.


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